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Project Description
This is a software tool I develop to help to migrate informations from WebBoard forum to Sharepoint discussion lists.

The package contains two scripts. The first is a .vbs script to read messages from WebBoard database on a SQL Server and to create an output text file .csv containing a WebBoard message for each row. In the columns there are a lot of informations including message id, parent message id, thread id, etc.
The txt file must be imported in Microsoft Excel and then must be used to populate a Sharepoint discussion list using Sharepoint import function.

The second script is a file written in C# that reads the output list created with the txt file above descripted and creates discussions and messages in a Sharepoint discussion list. The scripts reconstructs threads so discussions and messages are grouped as they were in WebBoard.
This script uses SPList class so you must configure execute code permissions on your Sharepoint server.

Read carefully notes inside the scripts.

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